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Volo, IL Heating & Air Conditioning ServicesVolo is a village located in Lake County, Illinois. According to the 2010 census, Volo has a population of 2,929. The summers in the village of Volo are warm and wet while the winters are freezing, dry, and windy. Throughout the year, the temperature typically ranges from 14°F to 84°F and is rarely below -7°F or above 93°F.

Incorporated in 1993, the village of Volo contains the Volo Auto Museum and is located near the Volo Bog State Natural Area, a nature reserve and a National Natural Landmark. Originally named Forksville until 1868, this family community has always been active, containing churches, blacksmiths, stores, taverns, and a creamery. As the surrounding areas grew, the citizens grew concerned that it would get absorbed into the other villages and decided to incorporate the village.

Lakes One Hour Heating and AC provides heater and AC repair, installation and other services in Volo, IL and surrounding areas. Check out what some of our customers are saying about Lakes One Hour Heating and AC services.

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Heating, Air Conditioning, and Geothermal In Volo, IL – Service, Repair, and Installation

For all residents of Volo, Illinois, Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is here to support your needs. Whether you need help with heating, air conditioning, or geothermal services, you can count on us to have your back when things get sticky! We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that every interaction we have with you is carefully calculated to maximize your service experience!

When it comes to our service, we are an open book. That is why you can find our customer testimonials right on our website! Check them out to see how our past customers rated us, and then prepare to give us a five star review yourself! Our technicians always show up on time and prepared to help you with whatever your work request is, so give us a call and let’s get started today!

Don’t Sweat It! AC Solutions For Hot Days

If you are hot and in need of a quick fix, call Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about AC installation in Volo, IL. We at Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning have been servicing the area in Illinois for ages, and we have learned a lot about the preferred brands and models of air conditioning. If you need an installation, we can walk you through the different options and give you a recommendation on what we believe fits your situation the best. If you decide to continue with Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we will send a technician to your location to help with the installation, getting you all set up in no time at all so you can begin enjoying your AC immediately. We don’t like waiting when we’re hot for a cool solution, so we don’t make you wait either. Call today to set up a consultation to learn about the different systems we can help your with!

Let It Snow

Let’s face it, Illinois is notorious for having cold and unforgiving winters. We at Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning have embraced this fact by working hard to become the best supporter of heating solutions in Volo, IL. If you need heater maintenance and tune ups to keep your system running strong throughout the long winters, you know who to call. We can send a technician over to your home to regularly check on your system performance so you don’t have to worry about outages. No one wants to be left in the cold when their system breaks down, so prevent it from ever happening with professional maintenance! And if the worst happens, you can also count on Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to provide heater repairs and service when you need it most! We will send a technician to your location immediately to get you back up and running in no time at all!

What Can Energy Efficient Systems Do For Me?

What can energy efficient HVAC systems do for you? What is the difference between them and the traditional systems? How can you learn more about these solutions without spending too much time researching? Luckily for you, Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has already done all of the research! All you have to do is give us a call and we can explain the advantages and disadvantages of these systems to you. They are not suitable for everyone, but in order to make that decision for yourself you should take the time to learn about why or why not. We love talking to our customers about different solutions, so reach out to us today to start the conversation!

We Will Not Take Up Your Time

At Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, our slogan is “Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime!” because we vow to be punctual to all of our engagements. We know that your life as a customer is busy, and no one actually looks forward to waiting at home to have a contractor work on their HVAC systems. Because of this, we aim to be on time and efficient with our work so we can get in and out of your hair as quickly as possible, giving you back your life to live without our interference in a flash! We value your time, and we will not take up too much of it!

Dedication To Service Excellence

As part of our dedication to service excellence, Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has earned and maintains a UWIN endorsement. This endorsement comes with a strict set of guidelines that we follow flawlessly to keep your service experience top tier. For instance, have you ever felt unsafe or weary about a technician coming to visit your home? Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can address this issue by stating that we not only drug test but also background check our employees before hiring them. This way, we can guarantee that any technician we send to your house has been properly vetted for your safety and comfort. As part of the endorsement, we also make sure our technicians are properly trained to do the jobs they are sent for so you can have confidence that you are getting the best of the best!


Just like any other investment, your home systems will only be allowed to flourish if you take care of them and give them the necessary attention to endure. Just as you’d take your car to the shop for a checkup, you should have your HVAC systems looked at from time to time by a professional like Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Maintenance visits can help isolate and fix small issues with your equipment before they become larger and more impacting. By doing this, we plan to maximize the lifespan of your equipment while minimizing your costs by avoiding expensive repairs. If you choose to work with Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, your system maintenance is in good hands!


At Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to provide the best home solutions to you with minimal stress to your finances. We know that working with a provider like us can be a large investment, but we work hard to provide you with our services above all else, so we are open to discussing financing plans to help you invest worry free! We’ve worked with multiple customers in the past by speaking to them to learn their situation, tailoring financing options to their specific financial situation, and you are no different. Simply get in touch with us on the phone to start the conversation. Don’t let money stop you from achieving home comfort!

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As a citizen of Volo, IL, all of your service, repair, and installation for any heating, air conditioning, or geothermal systems, can be handled by the area’s leading home service provider: Lakes One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. We can be reached easily by picking up the phone and dialing (224) 818-1800 with your work request. You will be connected to our top of the line service representatives who can schedule an appointment or consultation at your earliest convenience. We’re looking forward to discovering how we can help you!

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