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An air handler, or air handling unit, is a large metal box that houses a blower, heating and cooling elements, an air filter rack, noise attenuators and perhaps an air-mixing chamber. The air handler may be located in the basement, attic, utility closet, garage or a packaged rooftop unit.

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The air handler is the component of the HVAC system that bears the responsibility of circulating heated, ventilated, cooled, or mixed airflow through the home. The air handler pulls air from the living spaces into the return grills and ducts. The airflow is conditioned by the heating and cooling system, and then the air handler forces the conditioned airflow to the living spaces of the home through supply ducts and diffusers.

Air Handler Repair

Air handlers endure substantial stress during the course of the heating and cooling months. Problems may arise due to normal component wear, or from a lack of care and preventive maintenance. Following are common air handler problems.

  • Air filter issues The air filter protects the air handler and other HVAC components from the damaging and negative effects caused by debris accumulation. It is imperative to change the air filter as suggested by the manufacturer (typically every 1-3 months). A clogged air filter substantially restricts airflow, which increases wear on the blower motor and can lead to early failure and increased energy consumption. A poor quality air filter allows too many contaminants and debris through to the air handler, which creates the same problems for blower motor wear, early failure and higher energy bills.
  • Blower motor failure Blower motor failure is another common air handler repair problem. The blower motor is the component that powers the air handler fan. The accumulation of debris on and inside the blower motor and a lack of regular maintenance are typical reasons for early motor failure. If you hear grinding or squealing noises from the air handler or ductwork, it is time to call your HVAC professional.
  • Fan belt problems One of the air handler’s components that endures wear and damage is the blower motor fan belt. Replacing or adjusting the fan belt is a task performed during professional preventive maintenance. The job requires specific skill sets and safety measures, which should not be attempted as a do-it-yourself project. Problems with the fan belt may be identified by a violent clacking noise or squealing. Fan belt problems require immediate professional attention, or other air handler components are at risk of damage.

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